Vacature: tutti trumpet


We are an orchestra from and for everyone. We continually push our boundaries by seeking new challenges that touch people of all ages in heart, mind, and soul. We are known for our grand symphonic concerts, but we are also creators. We develop new concert formats in unexpected locations. We take pride in our educational programs. Small ensembles visit elementary schools to let students experience live classical music. In theaters, primary and secondary school students meet the entire symphony orchestra and actively participate in our performances. The orchestra is led by our chief conductor, Duncan Ward. From Eindhoven and Maastricht, we are connected to all residents of Limburg, North Brabant, and Zeeland, as well as far beyond, both nationally and internationally. With our music, we aim to surprise. We provide everyone with unforgettable moments of happiness. We are the symphony orchestra of the South.

We are looking for:
Tutti Trumpet 50%

Audition: 6 September 2024 Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
(with possible pre selection on the same day)

What can Philzuid offer?  
A contract for a certain period of time, the so-called trial period, within which two evaluations will take place. In the case of mutual satisfaction and positive assessments, the contract will be prolonged. Primary and secondary employment conditions are based upon the collective labour agreements for Dutch orchestras. Furthermore, we offer a plethora of opportunities for further self-development as a musician or schooling in other activities that contribute to a sustainable employability. 

Selection procedure

Auditions will take place on 6 September 2024 in Eindhoven. 

Auditions will consist of three rounds: progression to each following round is by means of the trial committee’s assessment. For each round, you may be asked to play several orchestral excerpts; the scores will be sent to you along with the invitation to auditions. 

Obligatory pieces
Joseph Haydn -Trumpet concerto in Es
Eugene Bozza - Rustiques
and orchestra excerpts

Further information
The selection committee retains its right to make a pre-selection of candidates based on the provided, textual information. Fees will be determined according to the national collective labour agreements of Dutch orchestras. 

With this recruitment and selection procedure, Philzuid pays heed to Wav (Wet arbeid en vreemdelingen) and appendage laws and regulations. The law dictates that Philzuid will initially look for a suitable candidate for this vacancy form the EEA including the Netherlands, Switserland, or from outside this collective of countries but in possession of a residence permit with no restrictions of employment in the Netherlands.

You can respond to this function by no later than 5 July 2024, only by email. Please send us your motivational letter and CV in Dutch or English to, c/o the orchestra inspector Hélène Maurits at For further information, please contact Mrs Maurits at +31 (0)88 166 07 32.